The best medical software

The best medical software

When the question is "Which is the best medical software in Brazil?", the answer is easy: HiDoctor®

HiDoctor® medical charts

Complete medical charts

Personal data, photo, anamnesis, medical history, images, exam results... With HiDoctor® you get everything! Your prescriptions are saved on the patient file, as well as exams requests. Anamnesis are organized by date, with distinct fields for each information you need to add to the record.

HiDoctor® personalized forms

Personalized forms for your specialty

Create and edit medical forms to make it easier to register different information about the patient: exam results, follow-up, or medical calculations, with HiDoctor® Forms you customize both your patient records and your HiDoctor® experience.

HiDoctor® appointments

Integrated patient scheduling system

More eficiency for the daily schedulling tasks! In a few seconds the secretary schedules an appointment, even if the patient is not registered yet. The doctor sees the waiting time of each patient in the waiting room and he can block specific slots of time when he won't be available. There are also options for online scheduling, appointment reminders and appointment confirmation by text.

Data safety

Data safety

Your patients' data are safe with HiDoctor®: you can restrict access to medical records only to the physician and block medical records editing after the end of the appointment. Create security backups whenever necessary, and synchronize your database, copying your data in our servers in a way you can also access your data online.

Your records always available

Mobility - your records always available

Database synchronization allows the use of HiDoctor® from any device, either online or offline. With HiDoctor® NET, you can access and edit HiDoctor® records from anywhere. You can also use HiDoctor® Mobile, a smartphone and tablet application that allows you to access your medical records and appointments when you do not have an internet connection.

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